AudioVAULT v11.0 Features


Rev. B Date: <05-16-2023>

New features have been added to AudioVAULT v11.00. Here is the list:

Adobe Audition Integration

This is accomplished using Adobe’s Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP), which allows metadata to be embedded into files. XMP was first introduced into Adobe in their version 5.0.

For RIFF files, the XMP data is stored in a new _PMX chunk. For MP3 files, the data is stored in a private frame in the ID3 tag.

AVScheduler replacement

AVScheduler is used to create a schedule of On-Air events for an AudioVAULT station, and to be used with existing station traffic & billing and music scheduling programs.

AVScheduler has been redesigned and now it has a look and feel like AVAnywhere.

AVScheduler shows the Live Schedule running on the Air, so changes to OnAir could be made directly from it.

AVScheduler's log check feature now runs in real-time as a schedule is created and modified to check for errors. Once any errors are corrected, the schedule is exported to the on-air workstation.

AVImport from sFTP

AVImport now has the option to download content from the new Internet source sFTP.

Azure Cloud VAULT

Is the system that allows an AudioVAULT system to have an audio volume on the cloud. It serves as Cloud Storage and distribution center for one or multiple facilities and is used in conjunction with NFServer.

NFServer enhanced copy rules and priority

NFServer has a new simple user interface and powerful set of features that allow Copy rules to have Prioritization as well Distribution Lists.

The rules can include read and write specifications, as well as specifications for which files to include or exclude in the copying.

Transfer of files can be filtered by certain properties. Among them are Filename, Category, and Class, and any combination of these.

When more than one set of rules needs to be defined, or different rules for communication between different servers, different groups can be defined in the xml files, each having their own rules.


AVWatchDog has a few new features added to its arsenal. First, is the ability to monitor schedules in

databases to determine if things are scheduled properly. Second, is a popup, or bring to foregroundfeature to be used as an alerting mechanism.

The ScheduleCheck monitor is used to review schedules and help the user determine if things area miss for tomorrow’s schedules. This is a user definable set of rules and is configured in the AVWatchDog Monitors configuration. More than one ScheduleCheck monitor can be added to an AVWatchDog configuration to allow a centralized ‘keeper’ of the schedules for an entire site if desired. This would allow a program director, for example, to monitor all his or her stations and know when something isn’t done on time.

A new type of action is now available: Popup. Multiple popup actions can be defined to be used indifferent scenarios. For example, the user might want to see AVWatchDog popup into the foreground when the ScheduleCheck Monitor reaches a critical level. However, he might want to see

AVWatchDog popup (come to the foreground) when a user closed out one of the programs on the computer.


AVAnywhere has these new features:

- Export to MP3 from Calendar Day and Schedule- Audio Preview from Inventory, Calendar Day, and Schedule- AVScheduler features which include Calendar, Days template, and Clock template gadgets.- Engine Gadget to show what AVAirEngine is doing- Quick Start Gadget to play QuickStarts

Satellite Recording (AVNet replacement)

The new audio Satellite Recording is now integrated into AVAir Shows. The Shows now have a

record option.

Music Master

AudioVAULT v11 now has Integration with Music Master’s Client/Server version that uses Nexus

Server for intercommunication.