You are unable to connect to the Web UI of your ETG model transmitter, OR

The IP address of your ETG model transmitter appears as on the front panel UI, OR

The IP address of your ETG model transmitter is unknown to you.



IP-based network connectivity is controlled by the onboard Telemetry card.  In order for this card to function properly, the internal communication ports must be properly configured.



  1. Ensure your transmitter is in LOCAL mode.
  2. Using the front control knob, navigate to System Config > Communication Port Set
  3. Ensure that the front port speed is set to 115K and the TcTs / rear port speed is set to 115k.


4. You may now navigate to System Config > Telemetry Config

    5.  From this screen, you will be able to take note of the configured IP Address.  If the IP address still appears as,                  revert to Step 1 and set TcTS speed to 57.6k.

    6.  Set your transmitter to REMOTE mode.

    7.    To connect to your transmitter's WEB UI, you will need to have a PC connected to the same network subnet as the                transmitter.  You must use the Web UI to change your transmitter's IP Address.  

          For instructions on how to use the WEB UI, please see this KB article: Web Interface User Manual