In case the IPA Drive drop to 35W without any power supply alarms, it will be necessary to check the Event Log Sheet in the Web GUI of the STX-10 Transmitter.

The most typical problem could be an alarm with description "PS MOBO 1 COMMUNICATION FAULT ALARM" or "PS MOBO 2 COMMUNICATION FAULT ALARM". Depending on the number it means the Power Supply Motherboard is not communicating with the PA Amplifier Motherboard.

The PS MOBO 1 contains Power Supplies 1, 2, 3 & 4.

The PS MOBO 2 contains Power Supplies 5, 6, 7 & optional 8.

To fix this it will be necessary to perform the following steps;

#1 On the enhance black Web GUI if you see the Fan Speed at full Max RPMs of +5000 speed (Nominal speed is 3000 RPMs). This will mean the PS Motherboard is not communicating at all and will need to get replace with 959-4265 along with the PS Motherboard Mezzanine Controller Board 919-4266.

#2 Reconnect the J1 CAT5 Network Cable, the J3 White 10 pin connector cable, the J2 White 4 pin connector cable and the J4 White 5 pin connector cable on the Power Supply Motherboard. There could be oxidation or poor contact to the Power Supply board.

#3 Final option will be needed to reseat the PS Motherboard Mezzanine Controller Board 919-4266 from the PS Motherboard 959-4265.