If you want to check and measure that the Power Supply Board is able to provided the full B+ voltage output perform the following;

1) Remove the RF PA Module from the desired Power Block you want to test.

2) Using a flash light find the most right hand vertical edge connector (Modulator Board Slot) and using a digital multimeter place your (+) Red lead on the highest top J1F + Pin 1 and then use your (-) Black lead on the lowest bottom J1F - Pin 8.

3) Here the expected DC voltage levels output per standard/ power level selected in the transmitter;

Power Level 1 = +15 to +25Vdc

Power Level 2 = +30 to +40Vdc

Power Level 3 = +50 to +60Vdc

Power Level 4 = +70 to +80Vdc

Power Level 5 = +90 to +110Vdc